A funny thing happened when I turned 35. All the things that had been "working" (keep reading for more on that) stopped working. Despite having spent more than 15 years living, breathing and working in all things related to health and nutrition as a dietitian and naturopathic doctor, I just couldn't get my body to cooperate anymore.


Like so many of the women I work with, I went on my first diet in my early teens.  Fresh off the heels of puberty, my body had changed a lot. And, over the next 25 years, it would change more times than I could count. I could have saved myself a lot of time and trouble if only I had known how normal those early changes were (but that's another story).


What happened over those 25 years?


I got a degree in nutrition, and another in naturopathic medicine.

I starved myself to "look good" in my wedding dress

I got married and had 3 kids

I beat myself up for not fitting into my pre-pregnancy clothes fast enough

I felt cheated that breastfeeding wasn't the magic weight loss pill I was promised

I tried every app and plan

I counted every calorie

I juiced

I gave up gluten, and carbs and sugar

I joined a gym AND got a personal trainer

I went keto (twice)

I worked with a psychologist 


I did it all. And nothing worked. Because even when it "worked", I wasn't happier, more self-confident or at peace with my body. I still didn't like what I saw in the mirror. And it didn't matter what the scale said, it was never good enough, and it was never sustainable. Food had become both my reward and my punishment. and I was no longer in control of any of it.


And then at 36, I entered perimenopause and my body took on a life of its own.  I had a decision to make; double down and spend the rest of my life counting calories chasing a thin ideal that always seemed just out of reach or find a way to make peace with food and my body.


I chose peace.


It can be hard to understand why “nothing is working”. Like so many women, I was a “professional dieter” and a professional dieting coach. And I can promise you that health and happiness can't be found by counting calories.


Thankfully the seeds of “intuitive eating” were planted somewhere along the way and I began making small shifts in how I responded to my body’s needs. I no longer wanted to push my body to its limits, I wanted to nurture it to its best. And I want to help you do the same


There's nothing sweeter than finding food freedom and body confidence in midlife. And, you deserve it.


Are you ready?



Ready for change?

My 3 and 6 month coaching programs will give your the tools, support and accountability you're looking for to make lasting changes in your relationship with food.

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